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Fisher Signage

Identiphics created a new logo, stationery package and building signage for this newly relocated doctor's office in Hummelstown.
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Marketing your brand identity using graphics. That's Identiphics.

Identiphics (eye-den-ti-fix) is a graphic design agency located in Central PA that specializes in logo, print, and web design for small businesses.

Why small businesses? Because we love to see them grow and succeed, and we help do this by incorporating the vision, objectives, and values of a company into a customized graphic identity.

Why choose us? We take the time to understand your business in order to accurately convey that image to your customers. We really care about the work we do and how it improves your business, and we always return a phone call or email within 24 hours.

Where did that name come from? Following the corporate marketing trend of combining two words to create a totally new word, "Identiphics" combines the words identity and graphics. After all, we market your business's identity using graphics.

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